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You can allow users to view or edit forms of others based on certain criteria. Please Read CellNaming topic for using this feature better.


Allow Form Editing

Allow Form Editing option allows users to edit their own records. For this to be enabled you will have to name a Cell with Attribute “RecordSelector”. ex: FName.Text.RecordSelector. Recordselector field will be displayed as a dropdown list, this is used to select the record to be edited.

Allow Users to Add Records

Allowing users to Add records option enables the users to add new records to the already existing list. If this option is not set then the users can only edit existing records but not add new records.

Allow Users to List Records

Allowing users to list records option enables users to view the list of records that they have added. A list button shows up in the top right corner of the form using which the previous records can be selected for viewing them.

Allow Users to change User Email ID

Allow user to change user email ID option enables edit option for Owner Email ID fields. In the Excel if a cell is labeled as Owner Email and “Owner” then the login email id is Considered as Owner Email. But if this option is selected this Owner Email field can be edited by the user.

Allow Users to View My Records

Allow user to view record option makes the records available to those you share the app with. The users can only view the records and cannot add or edit the existing records.

Allow Users to Edit My Records

Allow users to edit records option enables users with whom the app has been shared to view and also Edit the records.

Show Uneditable Records as Labels

Show Uneditable record as Labels option displays all uneditable records as labels.

Consuming the data entered by users in XLApp

You can use the following webservice to get a JSON version of the data.

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