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Share Your App in Facebook

You can now share your XLApp on Facebook.!

Sharing your App in Face Book

The Prerequisite for sharing your XLApp on FB is a verified Facebook Developer ID. The following are the steps to share the XLApp on Facebook.

Step 1 : Log in to using your Facebook developer ID.

Step 2 : Go to MY Apps in the Home screen.

Step 3 : Select the Website as Platform.

Step 4 : Provide the name of your App in the Quick Start for Website Section.

Step 5 : On providing a New App name, you will be given an option to Create New Facebook App ID .

Step 6 : On clicking on this option a pop up box opens asking Create Demo App ? . If you are creating a demo app then select “Yes” or “No”.

Step 7 : If the app is not a demo then you will have to select a category for your app based on the app itself. And if your app is a demo then you will have to select a already existing app of yours for which this app is going to be a test version.

Step 8 : Considering the app is not demo, on selecting a suitable category click on the “Create App ID” button.

Step 9 : You will be next asked to perform a security check which is some basic test to verify the user developing the app.

Step 10 : Setup SDK for the app. The section Setup the Facebook SDK for JavaScript will provide a JavaScript with App ID, copy this appId and paste it in the App ID text box in XLapp FB app section. .

Step 11 : In the “Tell us about your website” section please provide the App URL from the XLApp FB app section in both Site URL and Mobile Site URL. Click Next button.

Step 12 : Now select the “Show FB Like Button” and “Show FB Share Button” and “Needs FB Login (Mainly For apps)” in the XLApp FB app section. This will add FB Like, Share and will require FB login to access your XLapp in Facebook.

Step 13 : Click on the “Skip to Developer Dashboard” link in the Next step section. You will be redirected to your app's dashboard. Here in the left panel select “Status & Review” button.

Step 14 : In the Status page of your App click on the “Start a Submission” button. You will be asked to select the “Select the items you want to include in this submission”. Based on your app requirement provide Items to review and submit it for review.

Step 15 : In the App Details section provide icon,description, privacy policy for your app. Once your app has been approved you will be able to share it with your friends.

Show FB LIKE button

By enabling the Show FB Like option the app screen will have FB like button.

Show FB Share Button

By enabling the show FB share option the app screen will have FB share button.

XLApp makes it easier for you to enable these features by use of these options rather than merging the code for the LIKE and Share FB feature in your app.

Needs FB Login

This option makes FB login mandatory for using your app which has been shared in Facebook.

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