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How to enable Modern UI ?

To enable modern UI in your app click on Settings →

What Files are supported by ?

Currently we support only XLSX files.

What are the limitation of the free version?

You can upload Eight files of 128 kb each , so you can have Eight Mobile apps hosted free of cost. Please contact us for unlimited file count and file size options.

Do you support Charts ?

Yes, you have output type set to chart and supports line , bar Pie , point and Donut charts.

I see only 256 Columns what happened to the rest of the Sheet?

For performance reasons we restrict the area that can have input and output cells to the first 256 columns and 256 rows of all sheets. This is only for display , The rest of the cells can still be used for calculations, look ups etc. The entire XLSX file is loaded and used by the engine.

How do style my Application output (Colors Fonts etc ) ?

Any color or font changes in source Excel is automatically transferred to the Mobile app.

Can I have Custom Styling for input and output ?

You can also add custom styling to your app using CSS customization.

Can I Extend my app using custom code ?

You can also add Java Script Code for Input and Output Forms.

How do I source data from a webservice Ex: Get Live Qutoes/Exchange rates etc?

Using custom JS you can add code to populate a Input Field or List from the results of a Webservice. Note: You need to enable cross sitesupport in your webservice.

How do I post resuts to my webservice ?

Yes you can use custom JS to send the data entered by the user and the Calucated results from to your webserver.

Can I see how my app is being used ? logs all access to your app along with the data submitted and generated results in JSON format, this can be downloaded for your analysis. This feature can also be used for applications like Surveys, Data Entry forms etc.

Can I resrict access to my apps to only my friends ?

Yes, has a secure app sharing mechanism , by which you can restrict access to your app. There are three types of access. 1) Private - Here only users you have listed will be allowed to use the app. 2) Public - Here any authenticated user (Google,Facebook or Cloware) will be allowed to use the app. 3) Anonymous - Here all users will be allowed to use the app.

How do i create a login for ?

You can use Google or Facebook account or a you can signup for a Cloware login.

Do my friends need Cloware login to access my apps ?

No they can use Google or Facebook login. Public apps do not need any login.

Do you support Excel macros ?


What is not supported in ?

Here is a list of supported and unsupported functions in

Can I distribute my app via Appstore ?

Yes you can package a XLApp app into an APK/APP with a webview and distribute it via the appstore. The actual app will still be served from our Servers.

Can I use Phone Gap Build for packagin app ?

Yes you can. The actual app will still be served from our Servers.

Do you support completely Offline XLApp ?

Yes it is supported in the Premium edition , please contact

Do you support notifications ?

Yes it is supported in the Premium edition , please contact

Do you support third part ad engine like Google Ads etc in my app?

Yes it is supported in the Premium edition , please contact

Why does a Cell not show up as a input box ?

For a Cell to show up as a Input Box the cell should not be Blank, It should have a value that is refereed in another cell or it should have TEXT type (If you set the Type to Text then it can be empty).

How do I set the headers in the CSV download instead of the CELL IDs ?

You have to set the Name of the cell in the source Excel File. If a Name is set for a Cell in the XLSX then this is used as the Column Header for that field. By default the Cell ID is set as the Column Header.

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