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Create and Save your calculator as a XLSX file in excel and upload the file to


You can download the sample file used in this tutorial here.

After Uploading the Cell Mapping Screen will be displayed. The Cell mapping screen has three grids. The one on the top is the Source Grid this contains all the cells in source excel file. You can also change the sheets by selecting the tabs at the bottom of the Source Grid.

The grid in the bottom left is the Input Grid and the grid on the Bottom Right is the Output Grid.

Cell Mapping

You can map cells from from the Source grid to the Input Grid and to the Output Grid.

To map a Cell in the source grid to the Input form you have to click and drag the cells in the source grid and then click on Add to Input Button. Similarly procedure can be followed for Output grid.

Once the mappings are done you can preview the app by clicking on the Preview Button.

App Preview

Clicking on the Result Button will display the result.

Input and Output On the Same Page

In certain cases it might be required to have Single Page app with out the output screen, to do this, in our PNR example delete input and output cell mappings by clicking on the corresponding Trash Icons.

Add the entire Source grid contents to the Input Grid.

The App Preview will not have the Result button now since we have no Outputs mapped.

When you enter the data in a field and click on any other field the Result will be calculated automatically. This is called Auto Refresh. In Auto refresh mode the data is refreshed anytime the focus changes.


Xlapp applies any color or format from the XLSX file to the mobile app directly.


Once the App has been created , the Application URL can be shared via email.

Enter the email ids you want the app to be share with in the Email List Box separated by a semicolon ; .

There are three app sharing modes.

Private Sharing.

In this type, only the users listed in the email list can use the app.

Public Sharing.

In this type, any logged in user with a valid Cloware,Facebook or gmail id can view the app.

Anonymous Sharing.

In this type, anyone can use the app.

Checking the Send Notification emails check box will send Notification emails to the users inviting them to use the application.

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