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Basic Field Types

Download the Excel Sheet for the sample.

The Cell Name determines which type of widget is shown to the user for dataEntry.

The name of the cell consists of atleast two parts seperated by a . [NameOfTheField].[Type]

NameOfTheField is used to store the data, Ex; FirstName LastName Address etc. Type determines the Widget Type. For Example if the Cell is named FirstName.text a text widget is shown to the user. If the cell is name zipcode.number only numeric values are allowed in the widget.

These are the Simple Field types that can be applied to cells.

  • text - This type will display a simple text box.
  • password - This type will display a password entry box. Data entered will not be displayed.
  • number - This type will allow only numeric values to be entered in the field.
  • email - This type will allow valid emails addresses.
  • tel - This type will allow valid telephone numbers.
  • readonly - This type will make the cell into a readonly field.
  • textarea - This type will display a text area where multiple lines of text can be entered.
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