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Special Fields

Download the Excel Sheet for the sample.

These are the Special Field types that can be applied to cells.

  • button - This type will make the cell into a Button. The cell value will be used as the caption for the button.

To provide a clickable URL the URL has to follow the Caption with a PIPE symbol. Ex:

"Click Here |"
  • qty - This type generates a widget with +/- buttons on either side to increment decrement fields. Used while entering Quantity.
  • checkbox - NEWUI Single CheckBox

Download the Excel Sheet for the sample.

  • radio - radio button that is formatted vertically , with Labels on the left and buttons on the right.
  • radioh - horizontal Radio Button
  • radiol - Radio Button With Buttons on the Left and Labels on the Right.

for all the above types if the cell to the left has l1.label.floating then the caption is used for the Radio group.

You can also have Labels in 2 Column Layout as shown below.

Download the Excel Sheet for the sample.

  • toggle - NEWUI Switch Toggle

  • slider - The Min and Max of the Data Validation are used as the min and max for the slider.
  • sliderlabel - similar to the above widget with Min and Max Labels.
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