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With Sections in XLApp you can group similar content into an area and you can Expand , Collapse or Hide it based on an expression.

Use Download the Excel Sheet for the sample.

To Start a Section you need an empty Row, In that row the Name the first cell cell as xlapp.sectionstart.1 This indicates that we are starting a section. In this cell enter the value “expand”.

Name A8 cell as xlapp.sectionend.1 this indicates that we are closing the section just for reference enter the value as SecEND.

Now Lets upload the excel and map the Input cells.

When we preview the App It would look like this

The user can click on the section header to expand and collapse the section.

Setting Captions

To set the caption of the section , we can enter the value in the cell next to the Section defining cell.

Now we can upload the new file and then map all the cells.

Now we can preview the app.

Dynamic Sections (Expand/Collapse).

In this example we will see how we can control the sections based on selection of a value.

You can Download the XLSX File from here.

The value of the sectionstart cell is what determines the visibility and state of the section so we can make it into a formula dependent on an another cell. When this is done based on the dropdown selection we can decide which section will expand.

Dynamic Sections (Show/Hide).

You can download the XLSX File from here.

You can Download the XLSX File from here.

The values for the cell state are

show - Display the section

hide - Hide the section

expand - expand the section (should be used with show to display a section)

collapse - collapse a section.

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