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User filters

XLApp provides features that can restrict what a logged in user can see.

Input Form Level Restriction.

Here you can restrict a Input Form based on the logged in user. When defining the Input you can setup the list of allowed emails for a Input sheet. This way only the users who have access to that sheet can view it. Menus and tabs automatically will hide the input sheets that the user is not allowed to see this way you can create a system where you can distribute the same xlsx content to multiple people and restrict visibility.

Use cases would be to distribute reports, price lists etc and restrict different content for different users .

To do Sheet level access Click on Sheet Edit.

In the Edit Sheet Box click on the “+”

Enter the email ids of the users who are allowed to see this sheet separated by a ; .

If Email Box is left empty then everyone allowed to access the app can view the Input sheet.

Section Level Security

You can also set security for sections by entering the list of allowed emails next to the caption cell of the Section Start Row. The emails should be separated by a semi colon ; . The the logged in user'e email is in this list then the section is displayed. If this cell is empty then the section is visible to all users , this is the default behavior.

Row Level Security

User filters can be used to restrict the visibility of rows based on the logged in user's email ID.

This is a very powerful feature to share the same XLS to multiple people but allow only selected rows to be visible to selected users.

You can download the XLSX file we are using in this sample from here.

For this we have a table of data and we have a column that has the email id of the user. We have to name it xlapp.matchemail

Next we map the rows to either Input Or Output. The row will be displayed only if the value in the Cell matches the Logged In User.

Now we preview the app. The logged in user matches rows 16…20.

We have mapped the same cells in the output also so we see the same set of rows here too.

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