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Validations. supports standard validations that are applied to a cell in Excel. You can use the MS Excel Data→Validation to apply the validation rules and these will be applied in the XLApp while filling out the forms.

Click Here to Download the XLSX file used in this tutorial

Note: Cells that are not used in formulas are considered as Labels so if you want XLApp to display a edit box for a cell that is not referenced anywhere you have to have a Format the Cell and Name it.

Numeric Range Validation.

When a Invalid value is entered a popup shows up the error and when the error is closed, the focus is changed to the field that has the error.

Text Length Validation.

Data in Lists.

The list can also be a range of cells from the same or different sheet. For lists ensure that an Item from the list is selected. If the list selection is empty then the cell will not appear in the APP.

List Validations are converted into list boxes in XLapp too.

Other Validations supported are

Decimal between a Range.

Date between a Range.

Time between a Range.

When the Cell is formatted as Date or Time XLApp will use the appropriate widget to prompt the user for data.


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