Why Using XLApp Excel Templates / Business Templates Makes Complete Business Sense

When operating your startup or SME business, one key factor draining your resources is the execution of routine tasks. Be it tracking leads, creating invoices, feedback/complaints, training and assessment, marketing/catalogues etc; these are fairly regular and monotonous tasks that you have to do irrespective of the decline in value it adds to your team's time.

How amazing it would be if you managed to automate these routine tasks and channelize your team's efficiencies and time on more productive tasks? This is precisely the USP that 'XLApp' Excel Templates bring to your business. By taking the headache of accuracy and time spent on these monotonous yet important tasks, 'XLApp' Business Templates have the power to enhance your company's utilization towards more productive and innovative activities.

Now, how about converting the above Business Templates into a mobile/hybrid application and sharing with your Employees/Partners etc and centrally updating it. No more version management, email distribution, consolidation etc.

Checkout the following 'XLApp' Excel Templates and corresponding mobile app:

There is an excel template for all these and still some more. The good news is most of these are free to use [Sign In]

Xlapp Business Templates give you total freedom to customize the look and feel with your own brand persona. For instance, if you are using Excel Templates for your marketing Catalogue then you can reproduce a consistent theme and look with your other marketing collaterals. Thus when your potential prospects access this file, they know they are dealing with a highly professional organization.

In case you have created your Own Excel template you can upload the same to Xlapp and convert it to an App.

For those emerging companies that do not have the resources to invest into specialty software's, Xlapp - Excel Templates can prove to be a blessing. It not only helps shave off valuable time of the team, but also brings in a higher level of professional appeal and precision - much needed traits for your small business to scale to the next level of success.

Do contact us to know more on how Xlapp Business Templates can benefit your organization with our custom Excel template solutions.