Creating Mobile apps from Excel Sheets using

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Mobile apps for Data entry forms, calculators, Price lists and pivot tables can be easily created from MS Excel files using the service.

The process of converting in is as follows

1) Create application using MS Excel:  use the formulas, validation rules, and data formatting and colour the cells and apply fonts.

2) Save the file as XLSX: This excel should be saved as a XLSX file (MS Excel version 2007 and above) and  ready for upload to the XLApp service.

3) Upload and Design the app:  Once uploaded the Source grid will show all the cells in the uploaded Excel file. From this one can select the Cells that have to appear in the Input from where the user enters the data and set them as Input Cells. Then one can select the Cells that have to appear as output usually these are results of formulas. That is all that is required to convert the Excel to an Android app.

4) Preview and Share the app: The app can be previewed tweaked and shared as a link. Output cells can also appear on the input form, when this is set then the output cells are refreshed every time the user enters the data into a field. This is useful for quick calculators.

The generated app can be shared as email link and access to the app can be restricted. Private access allows only the users listed in the email list to view the app. Public access allows any logged in user to use the app. Public access allows anyone to use the app.

 Advanced features supported

Datacapture forms like Survey, Registration etc can be created and aa data entered is logged and is available for downloading as a CSV. The data can be downloaded and imported into your systems. This feature allows for quickly putting together data capture apps. The access restriction system is very useful to allow only a closed user group to use the app. Public data capture apps are a great way to collect feedback, review and other information. supports almost all MS Excel formulas. Complex apps with Master data in multiple sheets with VLOOKUP HLOOKUP can be built. Apps with dynamic Dependent list boxes (Country -> State -> City) can be built in MS Excel and can be directly converted in All styles like text color, background colour fonts etc are all directly imported from the Excel file so apps can be created quickly with customized screens. We can convert excel to android app based on your requirements.

For advanced users, supports adding CSS and JS to input and output forms allowing power users to completely customize and extend existing apps. Data can also be submitted to your private servers as JSON when the users enter data into the app for live usage statistics and analytics. 

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